Is what you know about feminism true?

As a woman, I always firmly believed I had to fight for my rights. It’s something that was birthed into me, but just when I thought I knew everything there was to know about women’s rights… I started doing “the other side’s” research and have come to believe that we have won and the balance has been restored.

This is just one video I find you might be shocked by. It was so shocking and surprising, but all these facts are 100% true; feel free to google them yourself.

The fight and struggle is over ladies. However, I do feel like many women will still hold the belief that the future is female, that is not a “feministic” thing to say. Why? Because if you’re a true feminist, you’ll want equality for men and women alike… If you yourself truly believe the future is female, then history shall repeat itself and men will surely have to fight for their rights in the very far, distant future.

Sure, these facts may surprise you… perhaps even upset your misinformed self. But before fighting for something you truly believe, ensure you get the facts. There is no point in preaching for something you already have! Ladies, let’s bask in the glory of equality.

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