This is you.

This is you- or at least the majority of you; as some go the extra mile and do their own research before coming to a conclusion. No- this isn’t a type of propaganda or “cult,” these are simply the facts.

Democrats and Trump haters, you are being duped just like this wonderful-Trump man in the video below. Trump is- sure, not a politician. But don’t you think that’s exactly what makes it so great about him? He’s worked on shows and seen “real-people” shit, you know what I mean? He knows how people really live and think. which means he obviously knows what the people of America want.

Sure, you can tell yourself, “What America wants and what I want are two very different things.” But remember majority vote always wins.

I’m not here to tell you that you deserve hate or that your opinions are wrong; I’m merely showing you what the media doesn’t. The media shows you what you want to hear, “Trump bad.”

I am, however, not the media I’m here to tell you all you need to know about Trump, the Democratic party, the Republican party and any other political shit that needs knowing.
I want you to know, everything. Only once you know the ins and outs of each political party, you can decide which party to be with. But do not let mainstream media influence your vote.

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