Political Oppression

Not everyone agrees on one thing – sure, we learn that in grade school. However, one thing we weren’t taught in the 21st Century was oppression.

As a Trump supporter, I deal with this all day on my blog. People tell me I should be ashamed of myself, I’m crazy and that I’m foolish. (These are the nicer ones) I have no idea why one would say this to another person. These are my political views, respect them and I shall do the same. Most democrats I’ve spoken to are so incredibly Anti-Trump that they refuse to even hear the good, and squash you if you mention your political views.

They seem to forget.

In my opinion Trump is not a dictator. Everyone’s angry because he’s taking care of what they need and not want. Like a strict parent and a bratty child. But I respect our differences.

But when… when will this political oppression end? Democrats are supposed to be against oppression of all shapes and forms, but yet they oppress the one thing that makes America Democratic, politics and freedom of speech.

Is this what has become of our once beautiful nation? Disgusting. Not only is there this.. Political oppression, but the so-called “equality” is wayy off.

Why is this an issue?

Everyone shouts about equality, where does the straight white man sit? Ivy league schools choose diversity over academics, so now answer me this; Does white privilege exist? What upsets me is the fact that black on black violence happens daily, black on white violence happens daily; why does white on black violence come up first on the news headlines?

In South Africa, farm murders are at an all time high. I have one question.. where are our protests?

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