Corona Corruption

“My dear fellow South Africans… The Corona-Virus has created an unprecedented situation for us in government that we cannot ignore. We the ANC have not yet stolen enough and as a result ask for your patience while we extend the national disaster period by a month. We ask for your patience and understanding during this difficult time while we line our pockets with cash. We understand you are suffering with no jobs, money or food but please have patience as soon would have stolen all the money in the country and will have to turn to the working man’s pension fund. If you wish to break down private property, invade land and continue to act as barbarians, then please do so as we turn a blind eye. I promise you we will blame apartheid when this is all over and things can continue as per usual.”

Welcome to South Africa! A world where racism only exists if you’re white and gender means consent. You might think how can you be South African and still support Trump after he called my country a shit-hole.. It’s because it is! He recognized all wrong with my country and he’s the only one brave enough to do so.

Spoilt Americans are constantly saying “America is burning,” you people have noo clue what it’s like to have your country burn before your eyes. South Africa is burning at a rapid pace. If we don’t get the much deserved media attention, we’ll be the next Zimbabwe for sure.

Open your eyes and be grateful that you have it easy.

2 thoughts on “Corona Corruption

  1. I’m still watching the video… I do plan to get through its entirety, it’s just a lot to take in at once. I only knew very little about what’s happening over there. I think perhaps I didn’t WANT to know more from the little that I did see. I’m horrified by the evil brutality. (It makes these BLM and ANTIFA rioters look like they’re playing patty cake.) I can’t understand how any one person could be so soulless towards another, especially children. It’s truly demonic.

    My friend’s 16 year old daughter says she wants to leave the country after college because she thinks this country is so bad. That’s how brainwashed she is! She has no clue. I often say how grateful I am to have been born in the USA and I know we have it easy. We ARE spoiled. We’ve had it too easy for too long. Most don’t appreciate what they have because they have always had it.

    I actually feel pretty ridiculous now crying on my blog about how I have no purpose in life. Seems rather silly. If that’s my biggest problem I would say I’m doing pretty damn well.

    I wish this was getting the media attention it deserves. I remember Tucker Carlson talk about this only once a couple of years ago. But I guess how many scoops of ice cream Trump got at dinner or what jacket Melania is wearing are far more important.

    Thank you for sharing and I am so sorry. I will be praying.

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind response! Trump noticing my country’s faults was the best thing that ever happened to me, I realized that I’m a huge Trump supporter! And he welcomes white South African folk with open arms because of the horror so much of us have been through.
      I shall be moving there after uni, hope to see ya!

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