Farm Murders in SA

On my page, I’ve never been the type to pussy-foot around matters. This article is simply fact.

“There was a decrease in violent crimes since the inception of the lockdown,” the commercial farmers’ union said. “Between January and March this year, TLU SA recorded 71 farm attacks and 14 murders. Since then violent crimes started increasing to levels on par with those before the lockdown, and between April and June there were 68 attacks and 12 murders.”

This is more than just a couple of murders, this is targeted hatred. One might say that this is small in comparison to the many cases of African-American deaths we’ve been seeing on the news lately; however, this is not the case. What I’ve noticed is the lack of media coverage especially on cases involving attack on white folk from African folk.

The cases we focus on are predominantly white on black, why? Because of the media, and as I always say the media will show and tell you only what they want to. This is quite sad as innocent people are dying and not even making mainstream media. I have always believed, that most of the media is controlled by the people who have the most to hide.

Apartheid was a big part of South Africa’s history that can simply not be ignored. What happened was absolutely wrong. However, 26 years later; it has become a huge ‘scape-goat.’ Recently there was an article that came out blaming apartheid for the lack of police stations.

We must unite as a country to fight these issues as it will lead to a starving nation as our farmers are dying. We must regard the races and remember we are one race; the human race. We cannot fix the past, but we can build a better, brighter future for our children.

The ANC ( African National Congress )condones this hatred, encourages it actually.

The conditions many Africans live in.

The government forces many Africans to live in these conditions, then blames the past for the present. In 26 years, no proper housing has been built for these people.

Why don’t these people vote for a new government? As most of these campaigns play dirty. They are well aware that many people in these largely populated areas live in poverty and are hungry. So they campaign with food and many other temporary “deal-sweetners.” Which just leaves Africa in a state.

With the DA (Democratic Alliance) in power, we could have real change. The ANC has been in power for 26 years, and little to no improvement has occurred. Time for a change SA.

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